Health Benefits & Ingredients of Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati

o Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati helps in treatment as well as prevention of different types of kidney disorders and diseases. o It enhances body immunity which in turn keeps various infections relevant to kidneys at bay. o It relieves different types of inflammatory conditions relevant to the kidneys. o It is equally apt in getting rid of urinary tract infections. o It offers relief from signs and symptoms associated with kidney diseases or disorders. Ingredients:Herbal Extracts

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Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati ( 20g )

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What is Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati

Kidneys can be made to work properly and normally with the help of an amazing herbal product called as Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati. It helps in normalizing the kidney functions so as to ensure overall good health of the body. It protects kidneys against various infections.