Health Benefits & Ingredients of Vilwadi Lehyam

Vilwadi lehyam dose: 5 – 10 g many times in a day. This medicine is prescribed to take in small quantities or in repeated dosage of around 2 gms, multiple times a day. Dosage for children below 5 years of age – 1 – 2 grams, once or twice a day, along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk. Dosage for children between 5 – 12 years of age – 5 grams once or twice a day along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk. Ingredients:Vilwa – Aegle marmelos – 1.536 kg is added with 12.288 liters of water, boiled and reduced to 3.072 liters, filtered. To this Kashayam, 768 grams of one year old jaggery is added and heated to semi solid consistency. It is added with 12 g of each of the following – Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Coriander, Cumin, Caraway, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nagakeshar (Mesua ferrea), Trikatu – Pepper, Long Pepper and Ginger.

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Vilwadi Lehyam ( 200g )

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What is Vilwadi Lehyam

Vilwadi Leham used for Nausea, vomiting, low digestion power, anorexia, grahani, asthma.