Health Benefits & Ingredients of Rasaraja Ras

1. The body is strengthened. 2. Paralysis and facial paralysis is treated well. 3. It is good for heart health and helps in lowering high blood pressure. 4. It is equally useful for the nervous system. 5. Migraine pain can be managed well. 6. It offers relief from Tympanitis and tinnitus. 7. Genital as well as reproductive disorders are treated appropriately. 8. Diabetes can be managed efficiently. 9. Digestive system is also made to function normally. Ingredients:Herbal Extracts

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Rasaraja Ras ( 1g )

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What is Rasaraja Ras

Divya Rasaraja Ras is a fabulous herbal product that is meant to strengthen the body while ensuring complete detoxification of the same. It balances three doshas in the body which in turn delays ageing process.