Health Benefits & Ingredients of Livomap

Livomap is a potent antiviral, resolves symptoms in viral hepatitis and prevents chances of carrying the virus. Phyllanthus niruri and Picrorhiza Kurroa have been experimentally proved to have anti-HBs Ag activity. Livomap reduces inflammation, promotes regeneration of liver cells by promoting protein and nucleic acid synthesis and thus reverses the cirrhotic [degenerative] changes brought on by chronic alcoholism or chronic hepatitis. Livomap is a superior hepatoprotective. Ingredients:Boerhaavia diffusa - 60mg Melia azadirachta - 30mg Trichosanthes cucumerina - 30mg Zingiber officinale - 30mg Picrorhiza kurroa - 30mg Tinospora cordifolia - 30mg Cedrus deodara - 30mg Terminalia chebula - 30mg Crataeva religiosa - 30mg Moringa Oleifera - 30mg Berberis aristata - 30mg Artemisia absinthium - 30mg Tephrosia Purpurea - 30mg Phyllanthus niruri - 30mg

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Livomap ( 100g )

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What is Livomap

Livomap is a judicious combination of highly documented liver protective herbs providing perfect protection to the liver in health, infection and inflammation.