Health Benefits & Ingredients of Seetajwaramkusa

Seetajwarari Kashayam is a concentrated decoction consist of water soluble active principles, prepared by boiling natural herbal ingredients along with water. Dose : Kashayam 5 – 15 ml diluted with 15 – 45 ml of water twice daily before food or as directed by physician. Kashyam Tablet – 1 to 2 tablets twice daily Side effects: No known side effects, over dose may induce gastric irritation. Use this medicine under medical supervision. Ingredients: » Each Tablet is processed out of: » Tulasi 8.25g » Maricha 2.75g » One tablet is equivalent to 5ml of liquid Kwatham

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Seetajwaramkusa ( 10g )

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What is Seetajwaramkusa

Seetajwara Tablets,useful in treating fever, cold and loss of appetite.